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A&D Pharma


Branded Virtual Reality Art Experience


BTL Event


VR 3D Real Time


Oculus Rift
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We created a branded VR ARt experience for a prominent pharma product as part of their product promotion campaign. 💊💊

VR service package for A&D Pharma`s corporate event.

✅Creation & branding of а virtual reality scene

✅Re-stiching & optimization of 360º videos

✅VR installation with 5 VR systems and 5 VR operators

✅2D video creation

Features of The Healing Mountain VR Experience:

✅6 DOF interactive virtual reality experience

✅Preview from the perspective of a VR viewer

✅Scenes and objects entirely painted in virtual reality- Tilt Brush

✅Interactivity, additional effects and compositing- Unity

✅Sound effects and spatial sound editing- Unity

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