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Collaboration between Koren Clothing and VR Express bringing Bulgarian folklorе in Virtual Reality.

The experience was used to entertain guests in celebration of the anniversary of Koren Clothing Brand.🎂🎂

Features of every VR art expeirence:

✅  6 DOF interactive virtual reality experience

✅  Preview from the perspective of a VR viewer

✅  Scenes and objects entirely painted in virtual reality- Tilt Brush

✅  Interactivity, additional effects and compositing- Unity

✅  Sound effects and spatial sound editing- Unity

Do you want your customers to experience the magic of your brand through VR Art?

❓ Make an inquiry to office@vrexpress.io

Visit our websites for more info:

🌏 https://www.vrexpress.io/

🌏 https://www.arexpress.io/

🌏 https://www.immersica.io/

👉👉 Follow us across social media:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/vrexpressbg/?hl=bg

Facebook https://bg-bg.facebook.com/vrexpressbg/

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/vr-express/about/


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